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Levi Clark
Levi Clark

The Ultimate Guide to Megaman The Calamix Power Fighter: Characters, Stages, Secrets, and Tips

the system we use to add characters has to be a bit of an estimate. this is mostly because there are just way too many characters to add, and it would be annoying having them all there with no way of knowing which ones were added first. maybe if we had a system like a live one, but that would be of course, more work, and we don't even have the time to run mugen fighters that's for sure.

Megaman The Calamix Power Fighte

now that we've setup the system, for the most part, lets move on to the mugen fighter database. make sure to have a username and password in order to gain access to the database. when i'm working on it, i will be on a free nickname. i suggest using your mugen username. you will have to find a character you can use without any problems though. i can't teach you a character.

the next few pages are going to be just the cut-scenes of the game, so we don't have much to talk about. once again, mugen fighter's guilds deserve a big-ass thank you. we're gonna use a lot of their characters, as you can tell.

maybe you've noticed, i'm really enjoying this game, and i'm trying to avoid feeling overwhelmed by it. as such, while other people play the super-excellently edited m.u.g.e.n. games and call it a day, i've decided to keep going with this megaman version for one reason: it's fun! sure, it's not the most varied, the music is your standard mix of remixes, and the typeface sucks a pair of dongs. but there's just something about the megaman games that i find amusing. some people are going to play and start calling it the best installment of the series, and they'll eventually turn into mindless sheep. once their minds are infected by the m. hype, they'll begin wondering how it will follow up m.x, and wonder if it could possibly follow up that. those people, in turn, will be exposed to the supposed greatness of super smash bros. brawl and will eventually be left with a bitter taste in their mouth.


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