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Levi Clark
Levi Clark

Aerial Investigation And Mapping Of The Newgran... ((NEW))

[4] For a detailed study of the crop mark monument complex photographed in 2018, see Condit, Tom and Keegan, Mark (2018), Aerial investigation and mapping of the Newgrange landscape, Brú na Bóinne, Co. Meath, The Archaeology of the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site, Interim Report, December 2018. A PDF version of this report can be downloaded here: -na-boinne-interim-report.pdf

Aerial investigation and mapping of the Newgran...

I have attempted to ascertain an approximate axial orientation of the "New Henge" of Newgrange using aerial photography. I was able to position my drone in approximate alignment with the "axis" of the monument, using the porch/portal/entrance box and what looked like the centre of the rear or eastern annex. This is, of course, an amateur's efforts to determine a rough orientation and possible alignment of the site, and I look forward to archaeological investigation and more precise imaging which will undoubtedly map the orientation more accurately.

An aerial mapping project revealed new details about the layout and surroundings of all three henges, especially the northern henge, which is partly hidden by woodland. The project gave us a better overview of how other prehistoric sites such as former burial mounds (visible from the air as their outer ring-ditches) and mortuary enclosures relate to the henges. It also showed how the surrounding landscape has changed over time.

They also urged the public, including researchers and archeologists, to use the Monument Report Form to assist the department in the mapping of site locations and further investigation. Once verified, the sites are added to the Sites and Monuments Record which is publicly available to view online. 041b061a72


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