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Escape Goat 2 Cheat Code For Money ((BETTER))

If the crew takes more bags than they can carry at once (more bags than they have players), then they should wait for the loot extraction helicopter (flown by the crew's second pilot, Bile) to arrive, because Alex's escape helicopter cannot take loot bags except those directly carried on each player's back. When the helicopter arrives, the crew can throw all of the money bags into it, but must protect the helicopter from police fire (which will force Bile to fly away early), and also be careful not to throw the bags into the water. Do not throw the bags at the railing because despite the bags' apparent size, they can fall through it. Once all the money bags are loaded into Bile's helicopter, return to the normal extraction zone under Alex's helicopter to complete the heist.

Escape Goat 2 cheat code for money


On Day 1, cook at least six bags of meth. Meth bags are lighter than money bags, so cooking extra meth would make the escape somewhat easier, but a lot of time is given for an escape with eight bags anyway. If you encounter the Garage escape on Day 1, then restart the heist because it cannot be encountered on Day 2, making the achievement impossible.

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The good news is that, yes, it does! There are LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga cheat codes available, mostly to help you unlock characters/ships without all the effort. You can take a look at the video above to see five of our favourites.

There are no currently expired codes in the game and it should stay that way if the history of the LEGO games is anything to go by. The Holiday Special characters can only be unlocked with cheat codes.

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