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Pdv Master SERIAL.rar !NEW!

We have significantly improved our data controller's performance with Master-Detail layouts. Master row expansion and data editing in detail rows are more than three times faster than in previous versions. The performance benefits increase with the number of master rows that the Grid control displays.

Pdv Master SERIAL.rar

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A mobiled core will occur in systems where one RE is runningJunos version 16.2R1 or 17.1R1 and the other RE is running version16.1 or 17.2 or later.The core happens on the 16.2R1 or 17.1R1 slotwhen it is operating as the system's master RE. The cause is a messagethat is sent from the backup to the master that the master fails tounderstand. This situation can happen at various times during ISSUor when the system has GRES enabled with mixed Junos versions. Thisissue has been fixed starting with 16.1R2 and 17.1R2. PR1322904

The same IP address could be configured on different logicalinterfaces from different physical interfaces in the same routinginstance (including master routing instance), but only one logicalinterface was assigned with the identical address after commit. Therewas no warning during the commit, only syslog messages indicatingincorrect configuration. PR1221993

Possible completions: Execute thiscommand + apply-groups Groups from which to inherit configurationdata + apply-groups-except Don't inherit configuration data from thesegroupsbit-length Length of the data to be matched in bits (1..32)bit-offsetBit offset after the (match-start + byte) offset (0..7)byte-offsetByte offset after the match start pointflexible-range-name Selecta flexible match from predefined template fieldmatch-start Start pointto match in packet Pipe through a command master[edit] user@router#set firewall family inet6 filter flex-match-v6 term source-ipv6 fromflexible-match-range range 0x00000001-0x00010001 or^ syntax error. PR1389103

When a GRES or NSR is performed on a BSYS the master RoutingEngine on the GNFs (virtual nodes/network slices) will detect theBSYS chassisd restart and enter a NSR hold down delay. During thistime CLI commands to evoke a switchover on the master Routing Enginewill indicate the system is not NSR ready. This is similar to a standalone MX if chassisd is restarted on the master Routing Engine. Notethat a CLI command on the BU RE will succeed. This too is in keepingwith standalone MX behavior. PR1298571

On all junos platforms running 64-bit mode rpd, the rpd willcrash continuously if MD5 authentication on any protocols (like MD5authentication for BGP/ISIS/OSPF) is used along with master-password. PR1425231

The issue occurs when graceful Routing Engine switchover(GRES) is done between the master and backup Routing Engines of differentmemory capabilities. For example, one Routing Engine has only enoughmemory to run routing protocol process (rpd) in 32-bit mode whilethe other is capable of 64-bit mode. The situation could be causedby using Junos OS Release 13.3 or later with the configuration statement auto-64-bit configured, or, by using Junos OS Release 15.1or later even without the configuration statement. Under these conditions,the rpd might crash on the new master Routing Engine. As a workaround,this issue can be avoided by using the CLI command set systemprocesses routing force-32-bit. PR1141728

When only default routing-instance is present, the Junoscommand show bgp summary does not show the BGP ESTABLISHstate. If the BGP state is not an ESTABLISHED state, then it showsthe states as design (that is, Active, Idle, Connect). If there isa routing-instance configured (apart from master routing-instanceinet.0), the BGP ESTABLISH state is showed properly. Issue happensfor IPv4 BGP sessions only, on IPV6 we always see all the BGP statesas default. PR600308

For single-hop eBGP session, upon interface down event,do not do GR helper logic. In problem state Peer: AS 100 Local: AS 101Group: EBGP Routing-Instance: masterForwarding routing-instance:masterType: External State: Active Flags: Last State: Idle LastEvent: StartLast Error: CeaseImport: [ reject ]Options: Holdtime:90 Preference: 170 Local AS: 101 Local System AS: 0Number of flaps:2Last flap event: StopError: 'Cease' Sent: 1 Recv: 0NLRI we are holdingstale routes for: inet-unicastTime until stale routes are deletedor become long-lived stale: 00:01:54 >>>>>>>>>>Time until end-of-ribis assumed for stale routes: 00:04:54Table inet.0RIB State: BGP restartis completeSend state: not advertisingActive prefixes: 14Receivedprefixes: 21Accepted prefixes: 15Suppressed due to damping: 0Staleprefixes: 21 PR1129271

In an EVPN scenario with nonstop active routing (NSR)enabled, the rpd crashes and generates core files on the backup RoutingEngine while any configuration changes on the master Routing Engine. PR1336881

The rpd might continuously crash on the backup RoutingEngine and some protocols might flap on the master Routing Engineif hot-standby is configured for Layer 2 circuit or VPLS backup-neighbor. PR1340474 350c69d7ab

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