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Botanical Name:


Pimenta dioica, P. officinalis 




Myrtaceae (Eucalyptus Family)  



The species name, dioica, indicates that the plant is dioecious, meaning that it has male and female flowers borne on separate trees. 

The common name pimento is derived from the Spanish term for pepper, pimienta, which the berries resemble. The fruit of the tree is known as allspice because its flavor resembles that of a combination of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.


Energetic Correspondences 

•Flavor: pungent  

•Temperature: warm  

•Moisture: dry  

•Polarity: yang

•Planet: Mars/Venus/Uranus  

•Element: fire

Allspice powder

PriceFrom 3,00€
  • During pregnancy, avoid excessive use; moderate culinary use is permitted.

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