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Botanical Name

Arctium lappa, A. minus  


Asteraceae (Daisy Family)  



The genus name, Arctium, derives from the Greek arktos, “bear,” a reference to the shaggy burrs. The species name, lappa, is derived from a Greek word meaning “to seize,” in reference to the clinginess of the seeds. The common name burdock is derived from the French beurre, “butter,” and the English word dock, meaning leaves; French women would wrap their cakes of butter in leaves of burdock to transport it to the marketplace.


  • Energetic Correspondences 
  • Flavor: root—bitter; seed—pungent  
  • Temperature: cool  
  • Moisture: dry  
  • Polarity: yin  
  • Planet: Venus/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto  
  • Element: water

Burdock Root cut

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    • Cantonese: ngau gon ji 
    • English: bardane, beggar’s buttons, clotburr, cockle buttons, gypsy rhubarb, happy major, haddock, hareburr, hurr burr, love leaves 
    • Finnish: isotakianen 
    • French: bardane, rhubarbe du diable 
    • German: klette 
    • Icelandic: Krûklappa 
    • Italian: bardana, lappola 
    • Japanese: gobo, goboshi 
    • Korean: ubanja 
    • Mandarin: shu nian 
    • Russian: lophuh, repeinik 
    • Spanish: bardana 
    • Swedish: stor kardborre
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