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Birth Chart: signs, houses and aspects

Birth Chart Reading signs and houses and aspects

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • €90 euros
  • Avenue Fonsny

Service Description

Upon Booking, you send me your birth date and location We will have discussions about the placement of your placements (signs and Houses). You will leave with a personalized PDF made by me. This type of reading is booked one week in advance. This reading is about self-knowledge. It's important to not only know about where the sun was placed on your chart as it is not the only astral body that was in the sky at the time of your birth. Do you want to more about why you do the things you do? This reading will also look at house placements. Think of houses as areas of your life that will be more pronounced this lifetime. What are you meant to focus more on this lifetime?

Contact Details

  • Avenue Fonsny, Saint-Gilles, Belgium