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Our Story

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Get Off My Broom started as an Esoteric/occult Podcast in 2019 by Emma Frost nix. It was meant to be a place where people came to "witch in peace!" 

The idea came when Emma was being bombarded with questions about her knowledge of the occult.

The events of 2020, however, changed the Podcast into a spiritual practitioner community that offered relief and support to the many witches that couldn't catch a break during that wretched year.

Especially the queer community of  color.

That community then turned into an Esoteric shop or Magickal Apothecary.

Get Off My Broom plans to be "Brussels favorite little witch shop." 
A space that provides resources, supplies, education, and experiences.

Mix all that with an inclusive and colourful community that is free of judgment but full of love and respect.

Our Mission

To bring folks of all backgrounds and levels of knowledge together where they can explore safely and educate themselves on the occult and esoteric practices worldwide.

All this with or without the intent of following a spiritual path for personal growth.

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What we do


We offer a catalog of magickal and medicinal herbs, handmade products, Esoteric supplies such as incense, books, crystals, and so much more as our shop expands every day.

We also offer spiritual consultations such as tarot and Astrology readings done by various guest readers.

Workshops will be a monthly event. For big pagan holidays, we plan retreats and parties for our loyal community members.

The founder


As a young child, she lived with an aunt who always had metaphysical books lying around, palmistry, tarot, angels, mythology. 

All the books she read, however, clashed violently with her Christian faith.
Growing up African and Christian, she realized a tremendous cognitive dissonance within her community; they were Christian yet believed in magic; God was the most powerful; but, be afraid of mama watta.

The more she researched, she realized that Africans were not superstitious.

They were still worshiping the old gods and still practicing animism. They did not recognize that these were their pagan roots because of the colonial Christian washing of our religions.

It was at that moment and realized that she decided to investigate the occult. She has been studying ever since and felt that now was time to bring that knowledge into the mainstream.


Read this Blog entry to find out about our values.


We hope that your spiritual path will start with us and that you enjoy your experience in our shop


Happy browsing


Stay blessed and highly favoured



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