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How can self-care be esoteric?

My response to that is, how can it be anything but?

What are the main goals of self-care to start with?

Most people will say to have a healthy mind, body, and sometimes soul.

I said "sometimes soul" because some people consider the mind and spirit to be the same thing.

I cannot fathom taking care of your mind and body when your soul is depleted of its vitality.

Most mainstream self-care methods focus on the physical aspects and on the shell that carries your spirit.

They necessitate grand meaningless gestures that give you the impression of happiness and euphoria for a few minutes, hours, or even a few days but leave you more fatigued than ever in urgent need of another grand gesture that starts to feel more like another hit of drugs.

That spa day that you feel guilty or self-conscious about not doing because you have been taught that regardless of your social status and/or schedule, you are supposed to consume and indulge with an extravagant display of self-love and if you don't? Well, evidently you don't love yourself enough but if you do? How selfish and irresponsible of you.

Self-care has been hijacked by consumerism.

In the meantime, your mind and soul are left depleted and uncared for.

The mind can be adjusted with meditation, and in most cases, your quality of life will improve greatly, if of course, you learn how to do it properly.

Mindfulness and guided meditation apps are widely available at a cost or for free.

Meditation and yoga are part of a very lucrative industry, but these things can only take you so far.

At some point, you will reach a plateau and be challenged to choose between staying where you are in stagnation or digging deeper.

That's where the spirit comes into play.

Think of the spirit as a vehicle where your mind and body reside. Of course, you have the tendency to see it the other way around, with your body carrying your mind and spirit.

Your spirit is a car, your body is driving that car, and your mind is giving directions.

If your keep your spirit sharp, clean, and fed, it will take your mind and body further faster than if you were just to take your two feet with you.

Where does GET OFF MY BROOM fit into all of this?

Get Off My Broom started off as a podcast. That podcast was driven by my body and mind but definitely not by my spirit. While wondering why that was, I realized that as much as I did my research, studied, and created content, I wasn't practicing; I wasn't feeding my soul.

That epiphany stopped me in my tracks and made me reassess what I was doing.

Then the quarantine happened; it didn't make much of a difference to me except that I had more time to really dive into my soul and that I didn't have to feel guilty about it because the whole world was on pause.

As people started to feel restless, they turned to their favorite witch for tips and guidance about their spirituality, and that's when I realized most people wanted the mental aspect of things and not the soul.

They were pursuing knowledge with no practical intentions. I, fortunately, knew how dangerous and pointless that was and decided to come up with a plan to help guide people on their journey so that they can be well-oiled soul vehicles that can carry their minds and bodies.

Put myself on hermit mode for a while, crafting, studying but most importantly practicing, recording, meditating, and communicating with the ones that came before me. I am so excited to start this journey with whoever is interested.

What will Get Off my broom be now conceptually?

  • an occasional podcast if I feel the need to say something important that people might not get through Instagram posts or stories. This is usually when I need to have a conversation.

  • A shop where you can find charged pre-made material with the intent to help guide and accompany you no matter where you stand in your spiritual journey. This could include alchemical handmade products for different correspondences in the form of oils, tinctures, powders, incense, salts, and much more.

  • A shop where I will be selling raw materials and create tools as you see fit. Many already made materials are needed for your craft, such as candles, crystals, coals, notebooks, parchment, and much more.

  • As for content, I intend to have so many things planned, such as daily card or astrology readings, meditations, plus just informative content all around made or curated by me.

All this to say that esoteric self-care is an active and constant practice and once you get all the pieces of the puzzle that makes up who we are, we can better navigate this chaotic world by telling people to get off our broom and taking charge of our minds, bodies, and souls.

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