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Botanical Name:


Cnicus benedictus (formerly Carduus Benedictus, Carbeni

a Benedicta) 



Asteraceae (Daisy Family) 



The genus name, Cnicus, comes from the Greek knicos, meaning thistle or safflower. The species name, Benedictus, was bestowed in honour of Saint Benedict, who founded the religious order that bears his name. 


 Energetic Correspondences

•Flavor: bitter, pungent, sweet

•Temperature: cool

•Moisture: neutral

•Polarity: yang

•Planet: Mars

•Element: fire


Blessed thistle herb cut

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    • Afrikaans: karmedik 
    • English: blessed cardus, blessed thistle, cardin, holy thistle, lady’s thistle, Saint Benedict’s thistle, spotted thistle
    • Finnish: karvasohdake
    • French: chardon bénit
    • German: benediktendistel, bitterdistel, kardobenedikte
    • Italian: cardo santo
    • Spanish: cardo bendito
    • Swedish: kardbenedikt
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