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Botanical Name 

Chamaemelum Nobile (Roman chamomile; syn. Anthemis nobilis), Matricaria recutita (German chamomile; formerly Chamomilla Recutita; syn. M. chamomilla)  



Asteraceae  (Daisy Family)  



The German chamomile genus name, Matricaria is derived from the Latin matrix, “motherly” or “womblike.” The species name, Recutita, is Latin for “bare of the epidermis” or “bounce back.” The Roman chamomile genus name, Chamaemelum, and the common name chamomile derive from the Greek khamai melon, “a ground apple,” whose aroma is apple-like. The common name plant’s physician refers to the fact that chamomile improves the growth of other plants around it.


  • Energetic Correspondences 
  • Flavour: bitter, sweet  
  • Temperature: neutral  
  • Moisture: moist  
  • Polarity: yang  
  • Planet: Sun/Venu 
  • Element: water


Camomile europ. flowers whole

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    • Danish: kamille 
    • Duten: kamille 
    • English: ground apple, mayweed, plant’s physician 
    • Finnish: kamomillasaunio 
    • French: camomille, espargoutte, matricaire 
    • German: alles zutraut (“capable of anything”), kamille, magdblume, mettran, mutterkraut 
    • Hindi: babuna
    • Icelandic: Kamilla 
    • Italian: camomilla 
    • Norwegian: kamille 
    • Persian: babunaj 
    • Portuguese: camomila 
    • Russian: romanashka 
    • Sanskrit: babuna 
    • Spanish: manzanilla 
    • Swedish: kamomill 
    • Turkish: papatye cic 
    • Vietnamese: du’o’ng cam cuc
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