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Channel the powers of Water



The element of water is associated with purification, emotion, psychic energy, dreams, and intuition. Water is the stream's flow, the fall of rain, the shedding of a tear, and the cold bite of ice.


Water is often used in psychic work such as divination, in spells calling for emotional balance, in spells calling on lunar energy, and in spells to remove negativity. 



The water elements are the nix, or the undine, a small humanoid figure with a fishtail, like a miniature merperson. They are easily seen in the breakers on a shore of a lake or ocean.


1 Gram

    WHITE TEA: Aura healing, fertility, youth, and beauty.

    EUCALYPTUS: Protection, healing.

    CARDAMOM: Hospitality, Divination, lovers, partnership, unions

    VIOLET: Mysticism, meditation, spirituality, healing

    LAVENDER: Sleep, Relaxation, love.

    PASSION FLOWER: Serenity, peace.

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