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Shungite is a very mysterious stone; scientists cannot say where the mineral came from to this day. It's made of 99percent carbon but is said to be more than 2 billion years old, which means before even carbon life form was on this planet.


Scientists have all kinds of theories about where the rock comes from and what its benefits actually are.

Most of those benefits are said to be from the fullerene it contains.


What is fullerene?

Fullerenes are a carbon nanostructure (CNS).



Shungite is said to kill bacterias because of the CNSs content that is known to be harmful and damaging to bacteria's cell walls. 

Any time a microbe comes in contact with it, it loses electrons and dies.



Other traditional uses of Shungite are

  • purifies water
  • Antioxidant
  • antiinflammatory
  • Eases physical ailments
  • shield electromagnetic fields
  • relieves stress






    • Infuse your water. Historically, shungite is used to purifying water. You can use a shungite filter or place the stones in water for 2 to 3 days.
    • Wear it as jewellery. Like other stones, shungite is available as beads or pendants.
    • Carry it in your bag. This allows you to benefit from shungite’s healing properties when you’re on the go. Another option is to place the stone in your pocket.
    • Place it near EMF sources. Some people put stones near electronic devices, like microwaves and Wi-Fi routers, to shield them from EMF.
    • Display shungite in your home. It’s recommended to put the stone near your bed to help you destress and improve your sleep.
    • Meditate with the stone. You can meditate near the stone or place it on your body.
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