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Subtitle The Money Pit

Waste transfer stations are facilities where municipal solid waste (MSW) is unloaded from collection vehicles. The MSW is briefly held while it is reloaded onto larger long-distance transport vehicles (e.g. trains, trucks, barges) for shipment to landfills or other treatment or disposal facilities. Communities can save money on the labor and operating costs of transporting the waste to a distant disposal site by combining the loads of several individual waste collection trucks into a single shipment.

subtitle The Money Pit

If subtitles for a title are offered in a language but do not display on your device, try another device. The Netflix app may not support subtitles for some languages including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Romanian, or Vietnamese on devices manufactured before 2014, but most newer devices do support them.

But the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia opposed that plan, leading the state to start NCI, which also began receiving money from The Harvest Foundation, and has its own New College Foundation with a mission of providing support.

Netflix accounts can default to the English language version instead of the original audio with subtitles. If you want subtitles instead that's easy to fix. Here's how to change the subtitle settings in Netflix and watch all your favourite foreign language shows as they were intended.

Tap or click the button to bring up the list of options. For Dark for example you want to switch the language to German and the subtitles to English (that's if you're an English speaker wanting to watch in Dark's original German obviously). If it's Lupin, that's French language and subtitles English.

If you're now ready to remove the subtitles, tried and they're still not disappearing then it could be for a variety of reasons. Older Smart TVs sometimes have these issues. You can go on another device and remove them if this is the case.

The use of subtitles is the most cost-effective method for translating video content to make it understandable in a different language. But it also distracts viewers from what is happening on the screen, as they spend more time focusing on reading the translations.

Subtitles are cheap, however. And today, AI systems can provide reasonably good results with fast turnaround times. If you need quick results for content that has a short shelf life and low production value, employing the use of subtitles could be the best solution.

Dubbing is also more expensive than using subtitles, as you need to hire voice actors and spend a significant amount of time in the editing room to try and match syncing. The use of dubbing tends to work when visuals are required on screen, and audiences are comfortable with voiceovers.

Many facets go into a reshoot, including hiring actors, customising content to local customs, new scriptwriting, and more. Doing regular reshoots are costly and can be almost impossible to scale on a larger level - unless you have a bottomless money pit.

An electronic payment can be made through tax preparation software that supports the option, through LaTap; or by credit card at If you need to mail in a check or money order, you must use the Extension Payment Voucher, Form CIFT-620Ext-V. This voucher can be printed through the Online Payment Voucher application and mailed to Post Office Box 751, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0751. (Question & answer revised January 10, 2023)

All research fees for copies must be paid when you submit the Tax Information Disclosure Authorization, Form R-7004. Payments can be by check or money order made payable to the Louisiana Department of Revenue. Cash cannot be accepted. Credit card payments can be submitted in Louisiana File Online.

I have a question about anime Region 1 DVDs which are intended for sale to both Canada and the US. Canada has a sizeable French-speaking population (particularly in the province of Quebec), so why aren't companies like Funimation and Right Stuf putting french subtitles on their DVDs? To date, the only DVDs that I have seen which have French subtitles are anime movies like Cowboy Bebop: The Movie or Steamboy (released by Sony).

In my opinion, I think US anime companies like Funimation and Right Stuf could have helped increased video sales and rental in Canada (while stemming the flow of illegal downloads) if they had better catered to the French speaking population of Canada. It is particularly annoying for a French Canadian to go into a music/video store to buy a video game, movie or anime only to find out that the disc is completely in English. Thankfully, video game and movie companies have now made sure that their discs include a french soundtrack or subtitles. However, anime from the US sold in Canada continues to have only an English dub or English subtitles. Thus, the only alternatives for French Canadians to watch anime is to: a) buy an all-region DVD player and import discs from France, b) watch French-subtitled fansubs, or c) hope that a streaming site has French subtitled anime that is not region-locked to Canadians and watch it there. Strangely enough, anime magazines from France are sold on Canadian newsstands. This lets French fans know about the latest anime, but due to the lack of French subtitles or French dub track on TV or DVD in Canada, what's the point?

Alright, you make some good arguments here. And you're definitely right about Canadians being much savvier and hip to anime than anybody gives credit for - our own boss here, Chris Macdonald, is himself comfortably nestled in Canada, and has made that point countless times. Anime is big in Canada, and unlike other parts of the Western world, it's actually growing. But, about this French subtitle conundrum. Let me turn once again to Justin Sevakis:

So as a publisher, why would you bother with the time and expense of adding French subtitles (which, by the way, you can't proofread yourself because you can't speak French) to reach such a relatively small additional audience? It's a tough expense to justify. But there's an even better reason not to do it: most licensing contracts won't even allow it.

When international licensing is concerned, rights are carved out either by territory ("You have the right to sell DVDs in the United States and Canada") or by language area ("You have the right to sell DVDs in English speaking territories"). Often contracts will even spell out what languages can be used in connection with the show. The vast majority of licenses to American companies will specify that only English may be added to the program in question. So even if, say, Funimation wanted to add French subtitles to their discs, they usually wouldn't be able to without throwing a wrench into the already difficult contractual side of things.

How many people bought Star Wars again this week, despite the changes just getting worse? I personally have bought Castle of Cagliostro three times now, and none of those releases have been perfect. Thanks to PSN, I have now bought Resident Evil 4 three times as well. Have I thought to myself, deep down inside, "man, how many times am I gonna spend my money on the same damn thing?" Yes, I have. But sadly I know that I'll probably do it again if they give me the chance, because I just can't help myself. Because I'm a damn nerd!

I mean, having a print-on-demand solution, or some sort of pre-order thing, would be a better idea for you, sure. That way you won't have to spend money on the same thing twice. Business-wise? If they can get your money twice, they will. Because why not? You're a fan of this series, you like supporting it, and you show that support by throwing all logic and sense out the proverbial window and surrendering your wallet in sad, bitter defeat.

ABSTRACT The thesis explores the socio-cultural organization of the artisanal gold mine of Kemogola located in southern-Mali. I carried out this fieldwork during three months in the gold mine of Kemogola. Through the participant observation method with the extend use of the video camera recording and the block notes I gathered the empirical data which reflect social realities of my informants. Indeed, I observed four main layers (actors) who are engaged in the gold mine management and its social organization. The hunters represent the police; they are in charge of the mine security. Those hunters work closely with the gold mine association members so-called Ton-Boloma. Together they implement their own rules of conducts and norms related to the safety and general well-being of the mine community. Moreover, the traditional authorities (landowners) and the modern authority represented by the municipality are also involved in the system and are working with the hunters and Ton-Boloma. After pegging and distributing mine plots to miners, they take money from each mine pit. Regarding to mining activity processes, before starting, the miners form some working teams and each person has a specific role. I observed that the activity has three main steps: digging, pulling the rope and washing the mud for gold. The artisanal mining is an important activity in this local community. Today, there is a great influx of both urban and local peasant to the gold mine. During my investigation, I found that diverse and complex reasons explain their attractions to the mine. Further, the miners come from different areas from Mali and neighboring countries, with different identities, languages and cultural background and their contact with the natives of Kemogola have had an impact on the local lifestyle, producing a dynamic cultural mix and exchanges. 041b061a72


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